Parents, teachers, here are the steps to follow to configure your computer properly in order to restrict your children's browsing on the Internet, if you do not already have special software for this purpose.

The best adapted browser is Internet Explorer (a program allowing access to the Internet, supplied directly by Windows).

  1. In "Tools", select the button "Internet Options". Select the "Content" tab and click on "Enable" in Content Advisor. A window opens and asks you to enter a password which you must make a note of and validate.

  2. A new window opens, click on the "Ratings" tab. Choose a category (e.g. "sex") then adjust the slider to specify what users are allowed to see.

  3. Click on the "General" tab. Untick the box "Users can see sites that have no rating". This makes it possible to restrict access to sites containing the afore-mentioned keywords.

Take note that, many adult sites are not always "labelled" for parental control. This does not free you from your responsibility to teach your children about the risks which they run when browsing the Internet.